Entry into Inkjam 2018 with the prompt "It's not what you think." 

Written over the course of 72 hours using Ink, 6000+ words of content.

Dev Notes: To implement my idea required having multiple fictional worlds running in parallel which implied a lot of written content. To finish this off for a 1.0 release I still need to:

* Finish placeholder storylets.

* Add additional choices to storylets that make them more interactive; some choices will result in that world being "locked out" (you can see an example of this in the Zotz branch).

* Now that the worlds have some meat on their bones, I want to drop hints into the text about how they may be related.

* Clean up Ink code.

* General polish.

* Stretch: Add more "memory" to the stories so that actions in one world will have an effect later on (or possibly even between worlds, but that may grow too complicated).

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